Benefits Of Replacing A Missing Tooth With A Dental Implant

February 28, 2023

Dental implants are a safe, reliable and cost-effective solution for replacing missing teeth. They look and function like natural teeth, and they can be used to replace one or several teeth.

Unlike other tooth replacement options, dental implants are anchored in your jaw bone so they can provide a permanent solution for your smile. Your new teeth will feel and look completely natural, and they won’t slip or move around like dentures do.

They are a great option for patients who have lost all their teeth due to tooth decay, gum disease or trauma. They can also be used to support implant-supported bridges or dentures.

A dental implant is a titanium post that is surgically placed into the jaw bone, then topped with a crown to restore a missing tooth. During this process, the implant is covered and healed by surrounding bone tissue as it fuses with the bone.
This process is called osseointegration and can take several months to complete. Once the implant has healed, your dentist will uncover it and attach a temporary or final crown to it.

Having missing teeth can impact your confidence and self-esteem, and they can alter how you speak. They can also cause you to lisp, and they may change your jaw alignment and shape over time.

The benefits of replacing a missing tooth with an implant are numerous, and include long-term stability, strength, and a beautiful, natural-looking appearance. They can also reduce the risk of bone deterioration, which causes premature signs of aging and increases your chances of developing oral health complications.

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