Restorative dental care at Stannard, Studt and Tironi dentistry allows patients to achieve beautiful and functional results that look and feel completely natural. With today’s advances in dental techniques and materials as well as our doctors advanced training- RESTORATIVE dentistry is also COSMETIC in nature.


CEREC allows our patients convenience and efficiency  with all ceramic crown procedures.  By utilizing digital and CAD/CAM technology, CEREC allows our doctors to digitally photograph, design and create beautiful ceramic crowns in office.  This allows for single visit crown procedures making the need to make 2 appointments for every crown a thing of the past. If convenience and efficient all ceramic restorations are treatments you may need, CEREC restorations may be the solution for you- Contact us for an appointment today!

Some additional benefits of using CEREC include:

  • A one visit crown procedure without the need to return for a subsequent visit to place the crown(s).

  • Digital work flow which allows patients to avoid traditional impressions

  • Only receive local anesthetic one time as only one appointment is necessary.

  • Amazingly beautiful and durable restorations.

The CEREC process works similar to a traditional crown procedure however it is much more convenient and efficient for our patients. Our doctors will prepare your tooth just as they would with a traditional crown procedure. Following tooth preparation, the tooth will be digitally scanned with a sophisticated camera and software system. Next, your crown will be designed as you wait. The restoration is then created out of all ceramic material, and adhesively bonded into your mouth. Before CEREC existed, an impression would be taken of the prepared tooth and a temporary restoration would be placed. Next, 2-3 weeks would elapse while a ceramist made your permanent restoration. This inefficiency is truly a thing of the past with CEREC technology.


Ceramic inlay/onlay restorations are durable, esthetic ceramic restorations which are more conservative than full coverage crowns. These are generally completed when healthy tooth structure remains so the tooth does not need to be prepared for a crown, but needs more strength than a filling. In addition to conserving healthy tooth, these restorations can strengthen the tooth and add stability by being adhesively bonded into a tooth like a “puzzle piece”

  • Ceramic inlays and onlays require additional training to complete as they are more technique sensitive than traditional full coverage crowns.

  • Ceramic inlays/onlays are generally able to be fabricated in office with the use of CEREC technology and generally require just one visit to complete.

  • Ceramic inlays/onlays are adhesively bonded into the remaining natural tooth structure. This material does not cause teeth to become weak or break as does older style mercury amalgam restorations.


Composite restorations or tooth colored fillings are a conservative treatment option to help restore or reshape misaligned, fractured, decayed or worn teeth. Composite restorations involve the direct application of composite resin and are able to be used on front or back teeth. It is generally best suited for smaller, more minor restorative procedures while helping to create a more attractive smile. Tooth colored fillings are also a more conservative and modern alternative to traditional mercury amalgam metal fillings. The bonding process can usually be completed in one visit and generally involves minor tooth preparation, application of the bonding and expert shaping to reconstruct the proper tooth shape, contour and color. Final curing and polishing will complete the process of bringing your smile back to life!

The composite restorative process in our office utilizes modern technology to give our patients the most predictable, long lasting solutions for many dental problems. Our office follows the most up to date bonding protocols while utilizing modern materials to provide safe and efficient results. Sonicfill technology (Kerr corp.) allows our doctors to provide the high-quality care you deserve in much less time than traditional restorative materials/techniques. This translates to better, more long-lasting restorations with less time in the dental chair for the patient.