Dental implants are fixtures which look, feel and function like your natural teeth! They are generally used in situations where there are one or more missing teeth, and can even be used to support a full arch of missing teeth.

Other functions of dental implants include:

  • Same function and appearance as natural teeth

  • Natural fit and feel

  • Extremely long lasting when maintained properly

  • They do not need to be removed like partial or complete dentures

Dental implants are made up of 3 components:

  • Titanium Implant: This portion of the implant acts as a root would for your natural tooth. It is placed into the jaw bone and is the foundation for the other components of the implant restoration. It is generally made of Titanium, which is extremely harmonious with the jaw bone and soft tissues in your mouth. This allows the bone to form around it and accept it as if it were a natural tooth.

  • Abutment: This is the interface or connection component between the titanium root and the dental crown or restoration. This piece can be made of several different materials which best match the final restoration.

  • Restoration: This restoration is often a crown which looks exactly like your natural tooth. It is usually made of the same material as ceramic crowns we place on top of natural teeth. Other types of restorations for implants could be dental bridges, dentures or full arch restorations.

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Composite restorations or tooth colored fillings are a conservative treatment option to help restore or reshape misaligned, fractured, decayed or worn teeth. Composite restorations involve the direct application of composite resin and are able to be used on front or back teeth. It is generally best suited for smaller, more minor restorative procedures while helping to create a more attractive smile. Tooth colored fillings are also a more conservative and modern alternative to traditional mercury amalgam metal fillings. The bonding process can usually be completed in one visit and generally involves minor tooth preparation, application of the bonding and expert shaping to reconstruct the proper tooth shape, contour and color. Final curing and polishing will complete the process of bringing your smile back to life!

The composite restorative process in our office utilizes modern technology to give our patients the most predictable, long lasting solutions for many dental problems. Our office follows the most up to date bonding protocols while utilizing modern materials to provide safe and efficient results. Sonicfill technology (Kerr corp.) allows our doctors to provide the high-quality care you deserve in much less time than traditional restorative materials/techniques. This translates to better, more long-lasting restorations with less time in the dental chair for the patient.