Meet Joe

January 30, 2023

Meet our patient, Joe. Joe is one of the owners of Waterfall Jewelers and has been a patient of Stannard, Studt and Tironi since 2019.  Joe is also a longtime friend of Dr. Tironi’s.

Waterfall Jewelers is a family owned and operated full service jewelry store that brings high quality jewelry matched with exceptional service.  They have two locations, Waterford and White Lake.  Their team can do anything from Custom Design, to restringing pearls, to watch repair, to restoring family heirloom jewelry. They have a full team of jewelers that includes a master jeweler at each store that can handle the highest level of jewelry repair.  

Joe says he was always told that “anyone can sell someone a piece of jewelry but what sets you apart is how you take care of your client after the sale.”  They strongly believe in the importance of supporting the community. Their ongoing  “Batteries for Charity Program,” donates 100% of profits to a local charity each month which can raise up to $8000 a month.