Meet Our Patient, Anne Bushroe.

July 14, 2023

Anne and Dr.Studt both graduated from Clarkston High School.Recently, Anne started a podcast called Connecting Clarkston with another local Clarkston mom.

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A few words from Anne about her experience with Stannard,Studt & Tironi Dentistry:

My family and I have been patients at Stannard, Studt, & Tironi for several years now. We live in Clarkston and we made the choice to drive to Waterford for our dental care for several reasons. First of all, though we have only been patients for a few years, I have known Dr. Studt for a lot longer. I have known Dave since high school so the trust factor was well established before we ever stepped foot in his office. This was important for me in particular because I am a nervous dental patient. I have had some bad experiences with other dentists in the past so I felt more comfortable going to someone that I knew and trusted would help me feel comfortable while providing top-notch care. Another reason we chose Stannard Studt & Tironi was because of their state of the art facility and staff that takes continuing education seriously. When my husband went to the office for his first cleaning he called me on his way home to tell me all about the cool gadgets and technology that the staff used to analyze his oral health. It's obvious that the doctors and support staff have an interest in keeping up with the latest in dental practice in order to provide the best care. 

The last and most important factor that keeps us with Stannard Studt and Tironi is the way that we are treated when we are there for our dental appointments. The front office staff is always kind and helpful when booking appointments or sorting through the confusion of insurance policies.  The hygienists and assistants always try to make us feel comfortable when we are in the chair getting work done and are patient with people who aren't super happy to be there! Dave in particular has gone out of his way to make sure that I have a good experience by thoroughly explaining everything that needs to be done and checking in on me during procedures. Recently he went above and beyond when I contacted him with a broken molar over the weekend. He was about to head up north with his family but offered to come into the office to help me out before he left town. He took time out of his weekend to help a friend who also happens to be a patient and I really appreciated it.