New Age Dentistry Are you missing out?

August 2, 2023

What a time to be alive...said no one ever when they thought about going to their dentist!!  BUT, what if I told you that with SO MANY of the technological advances in dentistry, this truly is an amazing time to be a dentist and a dental patient alike? Let’s face it, most of us have required dental treatment at some point in our lives, and some more than others.  Many of us can relate to the feeling of laying in the chair or even the smell of the dental office from our childhood.  I’m here to tell you that not only has dentistry changed in many ways, it has even adopted some of the most advanced systems and technology available in the marketplace today. Below are a few
ways your dental experience will or already has changed.

1. Efficient care through the use of in office CEREC and 3-D printing
For the most part, the days of waiting 2-3 weeks for a dental crown are all but over. Many dentists now have the ability to create your crown in the office in one appointment through the use of technology named CEREC. CEREC not only allows for a time saving, efficient experience, it also allows for extremely accurate dental restorations which fit and function as well as, or in some cases, better than many of the traditional lab fabricated restorations.  While most labs have become partially or completely digitized in order to receive information from their dentists wirelessly, a lab created crown still requires a second visit for the patient. The good news is that since labs have incorporated digital technology, we are able to drastically reduce wait times for patients, provide more accurate restorations and be much more efficient while still providing exemplary care for patients. In addition, this technology, along with 3D printing, is becoming so common in dentistry that most dental offices will likely have a 3-D printer within 3-5 years. 3-D printing will allow dentists to make crowns, bite guards, surgical guides and temporary restorations right in their own offices!

2. 3-D Imaging and Scanning
Although 3-D imaging and intraoral scanning are not new to dentistry, the technology continues to evolve and help pave the way for new and innovative possibilities. 3-dimensional imaging technology is used daily by dentists to evaluate teeth and surrounding structures, plan dental implants and evaluate many oral health issues. When the technology was first released, most dental offices had a difficult time acquiring it due to the cost as well as the need for a certificate (state dependent).  Today, this technology is much more available and most dental offices have the ability to take these scans in their offices. What’s more, the 3-D image, once taken, is able to be merged with an intraoral scan (instead of a gooey dental impression) in order to plan dental surgeries on the computer before ever touching the patient! This means increased safety and more accurate surgery in regards to dental
implants and implant restorations.

3. Adhesive Dentistry including dental materials
Advances in dental porcelains, glass ceramics as well as bonding adhesives have completely changed the game in dentistry. These products continue to evolve and offer dentists access to several options when creating beautiful smiles for patients. As you can imagine, completing full arch or full mouth dentistry for patients involves significant amounts of planning as well as additional training by your dentist and team. Part of the process includes materials selection as well as the skills necessary to place the new restorations over the patients existing teeth and/or the replacement of missing teeth. Dentists have several different materials to choose from, depending on the patient’s cosmetic concerns, smile line and overall goals of the case. More choices mean better patient outcomes based on knowing when to select a material and how to use it successfully based on the patient’s needs. These materials are also able to be used on individual restorations to match existing teeth shapes and shades. Every single type/style of dentistry in today’s world should be esthetically pleasing and “cosmetic” no matter where it is completed in your mouth.

To conclude, there has never been a better time to be a dental patient and have your dental treatment completed! The technology available to dentists as well as the techniques to incorporate this new technology is nothing short of amazing in the right hands. Search out a dentist and team who shares your values and can create the smile and overall oral health you deserve! Using the aforementioned technology will make your experience a great one!

Marco L. Tironi, D.D.S. is a partner of Stannard, Studt & Tironi Dentistry, located at 4170 Pontiac Lake Rd in Waterford, Michigan, which delivers the latest advances in dentistry to patients. Beyond dental school, Dr. Tironi has
continued his post-graduate training at Spear Education, Occlusion Connections, DentalXP, The Pikos Institute and is a graduate of the Misch International Implant Institute. He has also obtained fellowship in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Dr. Tironi can be reached at